Launch a health plan, pursue larger managed-care contracts and execute projects more efficiently

EWINGS is a Professional Services firm that specializes in designing and deploying scalable solutions for the healthcare and insurance industries.

With our highly coordinated, streamlined and economical approach to project execution, you'll have the bandwidth needed to launch new products, pursue and deliver on large-scale contracts, efficiently manage the ebb and flow of business activity and effectively respond to the expanding requirements of your geographically dispersed customer-base.

Since 2002, EWINGS has designed and deployed cross-functional solutions for large-scale projects across a diverse range of healthcare and insurance industry disciplines.

Actuarial, Behavioral Health, Case Management, Compliance, Contract Management, Credentialing, Data Analysis, Enrollment, Finance, Health Plan Consulting, HEDIS, Information Technology, Marketing, Medical Coding, Network Development, Operations, Pharmacy, Product Development, Proposal Writing, Provider Relations, Risk Management, Sales, Underwriting, Utilization Review etc.

Quickly execute large-scale projects.


Our project solutions platform is a financially and operationally efficient alternative in the staffing and consulting industry.

We leverage our project management proficiency, knowledge of local markets, and human capital prowess to build and manage large scale, cross-functional project teams.

Talent acquisition is not a core competency of a typical professional services or consulting firm, and for that reason - you get the people they have on staff, not necessarily the people you need. With the EWINGS hybrid approach to professional services - you get cost-effective access to the exact configuration of experts you require, all from a single source. Our ability to rapidly deliver and manage the volume of resources your project requires is unprecedented.

With EWINGS, our clients have found a highly effective professional services partner that helps them reduce the time, energy and budget required to successfully complete mission critical projects.


Our consulting platform is modern, high-value professional services for critical initiatives across the entire enterprise; regardless of competency or geography.

Through advanced technology and a proactive approach to project execution, we mitigate risk and eliminate the project launch “waiting game” that erodes confidence and stalls progress.

The customized consulting platforms we build enables us to provide our clients access to the exact expertise their projects need now and in the future, in every location they operate.

The EWINGS talent platform approach provides a level of human capital agility and flexibility that executive leadership can rely on when they need to pivot, scale or move quickly on new opportunities.

Infuse your organization with the strategic benefits of our innovative human capital model.

Access, Preparedness, Scalability, Agility, Resiliency, Efficiency, Quality and ROI


Healthcare Provider, Healthcare Insurance, Pharmacy and Pharmacy Benefits Management

Human Capital Project Services

Human Capital Platform Design; Project Team Implementation, Management, and Measurement; Skills Audit and Analysis; Requirements Gathering; Staffing Project Management; Consulting; Professional Services; Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO); Master Supplier; and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO); Enterprise-wide Staffing including: Temporary, Right-to-Hire, and Permanent Placement

Healthcare & Insurance Project Solutions

Accounting, Actuarial, Auditing, Behavioral Health, Business Analysis, Claims, Clinical Case Management, Community Relations, Compliance, Credentialing, Data Analytics, Enrollment, Finance, Fraud, Government Relations, HEDIS, Medical Coding, Network Analysis, Network Contracting, Nursing, Operations, Pharmacy, Product Development, Project Management, Pricing, Proposal Writing, Public Relations, Utilization Management, etc.