Pursue a $60b Tricare Network Contract


The EWINGS Human Capital Services Platform helps the health insurance industry implement mission-critical strategies they can’t do or prefer not to do alone. When our FORTUNE Top 10 client pursued various multi-billion dollar services contracts with the federal government in 2009, 2012 and again in 2016, our platform proved essential.

Our client’s business acquisition strategy and services build-out plan would require a single source for Network Development resources coast to coast. They needed a partner that could scale rapidly, control quality and costs, and deliver professional resources with extensive experience servicing local markets, working with specific providers, that had deep knowledge of Tricare (the healthcare program for our nation’s military)

If successful, this effort would solidify our client’s position as the premier service provider to the federal government. The most recent project had a long-term revenue potential for our client that exceeded $60 billion.

Each time our client has pursued these valuable contract awards, considerable resources were committed to achieve our mutual objectives: coordinating hundreds professionals in multiple time zones and geographies, executing robust pre-screening efforts, conducting extensive reference and background checks, completing technical interviews, obtaining government eligibility clearance, etc.

So how was EWINGS able to accept and deliver on such a high-risk, high profile, complex initiative? The answer is simple: We were ready for it. However the explanation is a little more complex. In 2002 EWINGS launched it’s evergreen sourcing strategy to service the healthcare and insurance industry enterprise-wide.

The perpetual nature of our recruiting strategy enables us to rapidly line up high-quality resources that allow our clients to focus their attention on other critical aspects of the project while we assume complete responsibility for team development. The groundwork laid by EWINGS since 2002 helps us win the day, enabling our clients to secure multi-year, multi-billion dollar contracts.

One each separate occasion, EWINGS has delivered project teams comprised of more than 200 team members in total including backup candidates and “optional” candidates based on the ultimate set of requirements. Timelines associated with government projects are in a constant state of flux and can weigh heavily on project preparations. In 2016, our primary team of 188 contract resources were accepted by the client within a 56-day time frame. Even after an arduous seven month delay, less than 10 of our original candidates were unavailable to participate. It was a feat of preparation, retention and resiliency few partners could match.






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