Replace Under-performing Vendors


The EWINGS Human Capital Platform not only streamlines how companies engage talent, it enables them to move away from obsolete vendors toward greater value and consistency in an enterprise-wide partner.

Our client was relying on a group of primary suppliers to access hundreds of professionals with highly specialized skills on an annual basis for a high-profile initiative. During a yearly performance review, the company concluded that one of these suppliers was no longer appropriately aligned with their strategic objectives. Their quality was diminishing and their ability to scale was limited. Ultimately, their narrow, niche service offering would not enable them to provide the expansive services and skill sets required of the greater enterprise.

Put simply, the vendor was not reinvesting in their business to meet the client’s expanding requirements.

More than just replacing the underperforming supplier, our client wanted to set the bar higher and engage a professional services partner that could grow with their needs. Two critical new requirements of this partnership were to offer bi-lingual professionals and geographic coverage not offered by the remaining primary vendor. The bi-lingual resources might require English and a host of other languages, including Creole, German, Portuguese, Somali, and Spanish.

They didn’t have to look far. EWINGS, a certified women and minority-owned business, had been a preferred vendor with the client since 2002. Owner Patricia Ewings (nee Sainz Ruiz-Valesco) is a native Spanish speaker who immigrated to the US from Mexico and has devoted considerable resources to building translation and interpretation services. Patricia worked with the delivery team to implement effective screening and testing techniques for all languages required.

EWINGS already had great success providing Human Capital Platforms and large-scale project teams to other groups within the company for many years. Our track record made us more than qualified to step in and cover the broad and specific services they needed.

To ensure the consistent level of quality our client required, we started by co-hosting what are now annual training events in 20 cities for new and returning contractors. Then we implemented a customized platform that gives the client access to a growing roster of more than 200 high-quality, monolingual and bi-lingual professionals across an ever-expanding geography.

Year after year, we measure the platform’s performance and refine its capabilities accordingly. This level of commitment and repeated re-investment in the partnership result in exponential growth of value for our client. Further value is derived from our status as a preferred enterprise-wide provider with the client.

While working on other internal projects and engagements over the years, we’ve gained essential insight into what works and what doesn’t specific to this client. That’s precisely what our client was looking for: a partner who is immersed in their business and can compare solutions, offer new ideas, and explore creative options. This is how EWINGS aligns project objectives with the strategic objectives of the entire enterprise.