Leverage Proposal Writers That Know The Prospect


The EWINGS Human Capital Platform provides resources for large-scale innovation as well as more specialized opportunities. In one example, our client sought to build a pre-qualified pool of proposal writers to manage the ebb and flow of Requests For Proposals (RFPs), marketing communications, and training materials. They viewed this contingent team as an essential resource for executing customized selling strategies that would leverage access to the talent they needed to win, not just who they had available.

To create an agile team of writers, our client needed a single partner, one with flexible project and team management capabilities beyond that of traditional copywriting, staffing or ad agencies. These expert writers would need proven industry experience, exposure to the client’s products, and more uniquely, a history of successful work aimed at our client’s targeted prospects. It is this final requirement that would add a level of value and sales customization unmatched by other human capital options.

Although the client would enjoy the benefits of our managed solution, the writers would be engaged hourly—not on a project basis, enabling them to achieve maximum productivity within their budget.

Today EWINGS manages a national team of more than 100 writers with carefully curated expertise to match our customers current requirements. However, our ability to find exactly who they need when they need them is more valuable than the established roster.

Our clients have engaged and disengaged our writers since 2007. By providing our client managed access to these specialists, our competency preparedness solution enabled them to consolidate their roster of service providers, respond quickly to new selling opportunities, and develop highly customized, effective selling content and strategies at a relatively low cost.

Through collaborative forecasting, we identify our client’s requirements for resources well in advance of their marketing and expansion efforts. This type of ongoing preparedness is at the heart of our approach and has proven essential to our clients’ growth strategies.

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