Redeploy Network Development Team


The value of the EWINGS Human Capital Platform grows exponentially as more positions are filled and more projects are completed. The process we follow for each position we fill, and each project we complete, is documented, process mapped, analyzed, collaboratively reviewed and refined for future use. This level of attention to detail and preparedness enables us to rapidly deploy large-scale custom project teams with precision.

The following is an example of how the repeatable processes embedded in our platform can increase speed to market and reduce the time and resources (both human and financial) needed to get the project done.

New leadership was in place and our client had just acquired a high-profile business opportunity that closely resembled a project we had worked on for them in the past. A team of 56 professionals was required across multiple states, requiring varying levels of experience and expertise. Client leadership and stakeholders responsible for this new engagement were not involved in the previous project, but they knew we were. The accolades they received from colleagues about EWINGS’ previous performance suggested that our level of execution, preparedness, resiliency, quality, speed, accuracy, and value were precisely what was required.

This particular client has been with us since 2002 so our exposure to how the company works is immense. During the initial phase of the engagement, EWINGS orientated the client as to how their company has executed projects like these in the past. Documentation, metrics, process maps and various analyses from our previous engagements were brought to the table. What they thought was going to be a complex, time-consuming project planning process turned into an enjoyable “Case Study” discussion about the value of our Human Capital Platform. We discussed its built-in resiliency, communications templates, scalability models, resource deployment strategies and, most importantly, how all of this leads to the efficient use of resources and stakeholder time. Worry and stress turned into clarity and confidence.

With a proven game plan in place, we were able to launch the engagement at full speed from Day 1. The effort required a fraction of the resources (both human and financial) utilized during the previous engagement. And the value of the platform continues to grow exponentially.






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