Manage Enrollment Events in Remote Locations


Growth is sustainable only with the right foundation in place. One of our large, national healthcare insurance clients was experiencing an exceptional growth rate of 40% for a specific set of products. While this was a worthy achievement, delivering on those sales was overwhelming their internal workforce and putting their new relationships at risk. Recently acquired clients often had remote work locations were their employees needed individual attention during the enrollment process.

Benefits products and services are complicated and often challenging for enrollees to navigate. That’s why a key element of our customer’s service model is the in-person “customer orientation” events. Rapid growth required them to facilitate thousands of these events for enrollees in more than 40 states and 300+ cities across the country. Making things more complex was the ever changing event details. Event locations, dates, and the volume of attendees are always in a constant state of flux. Although our client has 200k+ employees worldwide, their skill sets, availability, mobility and bandwidth is limited.

To simplify this undertaking, EWINGS leveraged the Human Capital Platform we built uniquely for this client. We had already delivered thousands of professionals for other healthcare/insurance assignments for this client in comparable locations. Because we understand the importance of accessing particular skill-sets in specific locations, we leverage our platform technology and processes to source these candidates in perpetuity.

Remote locations are where our “utility players” have an opportunity to shine. Particularly when we are dealing with small cities that have a limited number of experienced healthcare and insurance professionals, our utility players help to drastically reduce travel costs and managing expensive, time consuming logistics. Small town professionals often have limited employment opportunities so they often fill gaps in their work load by completing tasks that they are familiar with or capability of, but aren’t their primary focus. Unrelated large-scale projects for this client also required services in remote locations for Network Development. Many of our people come from very diverse healthcare and insurance backgrounds and while they previously worked for us in Network Development, many jumped at the chance to manage occasional enrollment events in their local markets.

In the program’s first year, we delivered a team of 139 professionals across the country, we now provide more than 500 enrollment professionals on an annual basis.

Our efforts have significantly increased our client’s customer base with almost zero impact on their current employees and operation. They are continuing to expand into new markets and geographies, confident that they have the power of the EWINGS project services platform there to help.