Access Healthcare and Insurance Consultants Enterprise-wide


Over the past 15 years, the demand for contingent labor and consulting in the healthcare insurance industry has undergone a seismic shift. Through the late 90s and in to the 2,000s we saw the market for temporary workers expand significantly to include a broad spectrum of specialized disciplines to include but not limited to: behavioral, case management, coding, enrollment, network, pharmacy, proposal development, utilization and much more. Meanwhile, years of decentralized vendor management and the engagement of “niche providers” caused approved supplier lists to grow out of control. The result was too many commodity service providers, inefficient operations, inconsistent pricing, little-to-no innovation and giant competency gaps.

These changes opened the door to a new approach. To staff large, complex companies with ever-changing needs and a desire for more creative, localized solutions, someone had to evolve the human capital services model. It was time for the right strategic partner to take customers beyond “niche” and “commodity” thinking to deliver highly customized staffing and project team services that meet their exact needs across the enterprise. This is the origin of the EWINGS Human Capital Services Platform, which we customize for each client.

America’s largest health insurer wanted to use contingent labor as a strategic lever to help them gain various competitive advantages. They wanted to increase their speed to market; mobilize resources (on the ground) in very specific markets; and access talent that possessed extensive experience working with specific product lines and that have established relationships with providers, clients, and other important partners.

Servicing a partner on this scale requires an all-encompassing strategy. EWINGS designed a project team service platform that could provide core and specialized disciplines enterprise-wide for immediate use and future needs, at headquarters and everywhere our customer operates. EWINGS brought a well-defined service methodology and innate creativity to the task of staffing and managing large projects which led our client to innovative solutions and options they may have never otherwise considered.

By supplying a diverse range of individual experts and managed project teams, EWINGS replaced a long list of narrowly focused, low-value staffing firms and niche consultants. This consolidation enabled greater efficiency and cost-savings and the partnership became a launching pad for engaging on some of their most high-profile strategic initiatives company-wide.

competencies engaged:

Actuarial, Analysis, Audit, Behavioral, Benefits, Case Management, Claims, Clinical, Coding, Communications, Compliance, EAP, Enrollment, Facilities, Government, Healthcare, Human Capital, Insurance, Marketing, Military & Veteran Services, Network Contracting, Nurse Audit, Nursing, Operations, Pharmacy, Policy, Product Design, Proposal Writing, Provider Relations, Psychology, Public Relations, Quality, Regulatory, Training, Utilization Management